As a programmer and designer, I have a unique perspective and skillset. I'm always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as a person, artist, and developer.

I'm an athlete for life - I know that hard work, determination, and teamwork are what it takes to win.

I graduated from Linfield College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Electronic Arts. Having spent a lot of my time in many different departments throughout my college years, I work well with many different types of people. I can bridge the gap and bring together creative and technical types.

Growing up as a gymnast, I learned determination, grit, and self-discipline from a young age. Injuries lead me to try crew, volleyball, and finally track and field my senior year of high school. With pole vault, I found my true calling. Though I was not naturally talented or very experienced, I vaulted all four years at Linfield working my way onto the top-10 performance list in school history.